by Outline

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released May 17, 2014

recorded & mixed by Frank Rotthier
mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege


all rights reserved



Outline Belgium

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Track Name: Empty Words
Took what you wanted
bit in the hand that reached out
you've turned your back
to what you once claimed as true
preconceived notions
of what you wanted this to be
you missed the point entirely
just empty words
you never realised
that it's about community
not attitude
you never had a clue
your true colors
are shining through every word
you shout, you boast, you only lose
and now it's time for you to stop
you had your chance
leave us alone
fade out, give in
out of sight is out of mind
you reap what you sow
Track Name: NGNM
You preach to the choir about god and his love
yet only spread hate when it's between men
No gods no masters
We reject them
yo Fred, there is no afterlife, you're fucking dead
No gods no masters
We don't believe
Track Name: Loveless
endless roads feel like an empty home
memories of solitude
another cold bed
another loveless night
seeking refuge in my blackened mind
promises of better times laid to waste by reality
Track Name: Noose
Sick of always trying, to be what you want me to be
I wont be enslaved by your conformity
Sick of being restless
being clenched by the throat
Tired and nervous
anxiety's clawing at my soul
Sick of your expectations that I will never fulfill
Constant suffocation, despair settling in
Sick of this noose around my fuckin' neck
Fighting, struggling, shattering
I'd rather break down than bend
I'm sick and tired, I'm sick and tired of your world

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